Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch 2016-11-10T13:14:32+00:00


Fresh Fruits
Vanilla Yogurt

Citrus Waffle
Quince Marmelade

Mesclun Greens
Radish, Fennel and Red Wine Vinaigrette

Fall Vegetable Soup
Serrano Ham Croque Monsieur

Baby Arugula
Blue Cheese, Dried Fruits and hazelnuts

Wild Burgundy Snails
Artichokes, Fennel and Garlic Butter

Main Course

Chef’s Daily Frittata
Parmesan and Arugula Salad

Poached Eggs
Potato, Asparagus and Truffled Tomato

Smoked Salmon Scramble
Potato, Asparagus and Crème Fraiche

Crispy Duck Leg
Sunny Side Up Egg, Potato and Maitakes

Loup de Mer and Bay Scallops
Wild Rice, Squash and Cauliflower

Venison and Duck Sausage
Polenta, Haricots Vert and Mushrooms

Chef, Jeffrey Thompson