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When we fell in love with a Florentine palazzo sitting incongruously but beautifully on a private knoll. We believed that if architectural gems like Wheatleigh were allowed to vanish they could never be replaced. Our dream was to preserve and use this wonderful treasure in a way that would make it as relevant for this century as it was when it was built in 1893.

To the extent that we have succeeded, we owe a great debt to our architects, to an exceptional group of craftsmen, to a general manager, chef and staff who are beyond compare, and most of all to the many patrons who have supported Wheatleigh over the years.

Susan and Linfield Simon

Once a private, Italianate villa, Wheatleigh has been spectacularly restored, renovated, refreshed, and refurnished … a mere carriage ride from where Edith Wharton wrote, Wheatleigh one again rules as the epicenter of Berkshire style and hospitality.
Richard David Story, Editor-In-Chief, Departures


Architecture and design, in our practice, are integral disciplines. They are about creating environments for people, whether we are working on a giant commercial complex in Singapore or a Manhattan pied-a-terre. The challenge presented by Wheatleigh was to preserve and honor its original architecture without simply imitating the past. Our goal was to establish a new harmony of luxury, comfort and understated elegance from the grand entry to the extraordinary restaurant to the exquisite guest accommodations.

Calvin Tsao
Zack McKown
Tsao & McKown Architects