Drive and Dine With the Boxter S

Drive and Dine With the Boxter S 2011-08-22T10:52:29+00:00

Christophorus: The Porsche Magazine, June/July 2005

The elegantly appointed rooms are nothing short of spectacular. The cream and honey-colored fabrics are sumptuous; the polished hardwood floors harmonize perfectly with the exposed-brick walls. The Terrace Suite affords a breathtaking view of the mountains. The Tree-House Suite extends over two stories, creating the illusion that you’re actually living amidst the ancient moss-and lichen-covered fir trees that surround the hotel.

The restaurant is the realm of chef J. Bryce Whittlesey . . . After finishing my delicious meal, I decide that Wheatleigh truly gives new meaning to the term “sweet temptation.”